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What is it?

Just what is this technology? 
It’s light therapy in the form of a simple patch — that in reality is not so simple at all!

So, how does it work?

Introducing the science of Phototherapy -

Your body emits heat, including heat in the infrared spectrum. Our patches are designed to trap this infrared energy when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect the light back. This infrared energy stimulates specific points on the skin which can promote a general state of health and healthy activity unique to each LifeWave patch. 

Ok, got it —
Now, what is X39?

A patented phototherapy patch, X39 Improves the way your body fosters the flow of energy for improvements in strength, stamina, and beyond.  It supports improved exercise performance, overall health and well-being all without drugs or stimulants. 

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Our Product Difference

Live Vibrantly!


LifeWave's unique and innovative patented life technology is a combination of proven science and results that empower you to live long and live well.

Natural Wellness 

With technology designed to improve life — LifeWave products harnesses your body's natural, restorative energy and enhances your ability to live a vibrant life. 


Well-Being Reimagined

Experience the restorative balance of acupressure and acupuncture well-being with the simplicity of a patch. 

How can I get started on X39?

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