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About our

Customer Programs

There are three ways you can join us as a Customer:

Preferred Customer + | Preferred Customer | Retail Customer

Check out the benefits of being a Preferred Customer below!


Subscribe and Save!

When you place a monthly subscription order, you have the option to join one of our incredible Preferred Customer (PC) Programs. In addition to wholesale pricing, you'll get the convenience of getting your favorite products delivered to your doorstep monthly - AND - you'll earn additional loyalty rewards. 

Want more even benefits? Choose the Preferred Customer + program!


Preferred Customer

Becoming a Preferred Customer (PC) is a great way to experience the life-changing benefits of our incredible products! Anyone can sign up to become a PC -- with no sign-up fee -- simply by placing a monthly subscription order. You'll receive wholesale pricing (a 30% or more discount), LifeWave SWAG, and free access to LifeWave tools. 

Speaking about the LifeWave SWAG -- When you remain on the program you'll receive free SWAG after consecutively ordering for 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. And, if that's not enough, after 12 months you'll receive a free full-size sleeve of patches! 

But, that's not all! You'll also receive access to some free LifeWave tools such as our InTouch App, a LifeWave referral link, and more. 


Preferred Customer +

Our Preferred Customer + (PC+) receive all the benefits of the PC program (see details in the PC section) when subscribed to this annual membership program.

-- PLUS --

You'll get additional loyalty rewards in the form of free product samples for 5 consecutive months, followed by a free full-size sleeve of one previously sampled LifeWave patches* on the 6th month! Then after the 12th consecutive monthly order, you will receive another full-size sleeve of patches* -- and -- a free renewal of your PC+ member status. 

And, you'll also have the ability to earn $100 free product credit each month to use towards your monthly subscription order in the following month.~ 

All these extra benefits come when you register in the PC+ program for an annual fee of $19.95


*Excludes X39 & X49 

~ Credit applies to free product only, not taxes and shipping.

Retail Customer

You can become a casual customer -- but, you'll pay full retail price for your products

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